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AST Removals terms and conditions



Upon engaging AST Removals the following terms and conditions are to be agreed:

Because AST removals gives you only an initial quotation there is no guarantee that we can move you on the day and date you wish, also that the quotation may be liable to change if there is more work than expected on the day or current inflation. 

Loss or damages:

A1. AST Removals can not accept any liability for disconnection/connection of any appliances and any such action taken is completely done so at the customers risk.

A2. If AST Removals are required to dismantle or build furniture, this is taken totally at the customers own risk and AST Removals accept no liability. (This includes TV wall brackets)

A3. AST Removals can not accept any responsibility for any defective electronics/appliances unless clearly  demonstrated that the damage was caused by AST Removals.

A4. AST Removals can not accept any liability for any loss or damage of any items unless reported within 48 hours of job completion.

A5. It will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure the security of their items at the initial and final destinations by either being present or having a representative on site.

A6. AST Removals can not accept any responsibility for items damaged inside of boxes unless packed & unpacked by AST Removals.

A7. AST Removals do not cover any damages to IKEA furniture or goods due to poor quality manufacture or construction. 

A8. AST Removals can not accept any responsibility for furniture which is dismantled and doesn't correctly reassemble, or is damaged due to to dismantling or assembly.

A9. AST Removals can not accept any responsibility for goods when in storage, even if the storage is packed by AST Removals staff.


B1. AST Removals reserve the right to refuse carriage of items that pose a health and safety risk, such as: flammable/explosive/hazardous items, chilled/frozen foods, animals and their enclosures.

B2. AST Removals cannot carry any firearms/weapons/ammunition whether decommissioned or live.

B3. AST Removals reserve the right to reject items or abnormal loads where they are believed to pose either a health and safety risk, or unduly risk damage to the item.

B4. AST Removals reserve the right to refuse to move an item because of inadequate or dangerous access.

B5. AST Removals will refuse to move items for reasons of hygiene/infestations.

Payment/Cancellation Policy:

C1. AST Removals will only accept payment of either: cash on the day of removal; or via bank transfer a minimum of 24 hours prior to the day of removal.

C2. A deposit is required before the move, the deposit is non refundable unless AST removals are unable to move you due to multiple bookings.

C3. AST Removals reserve the right to withhold goods until full payment has been received.


D1. Quotations given prior to removals are subject to change where there are any differences or changes in circumstances (for example extra/unseen items, severe delays in travel, delays in sale or exchange of contracts).

D2. It will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that no items are taken in error and that no items required to be moved are left behind at the initial destination.

D3. The customer certifies, by accepting our services, that the goods moved are either owned by the customer or that the the customer has the permission of the owner to move them.

D4. If the customer needs any item moved that is of an excessive value they should notify AST removals at the time of quotation.

D5. AST Removals may take photos of their team at work or vans at work. we will never take a photo of anything personal or giving details away. If you wish us not to take any photos, please tell a members of staff before your move.

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